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YEARBOOK 4-life!

2022 ECMS Yearbook
Order your YEARBOOK and Accessories online TODAY!
Go to www.
Enter order number 8147
Or call 1.866.287.3096


Don’t wait...Act Now!!!

Simply put, Yearbook is for life! Students are the heart of the Yearbook program and they spend their days creating a book that will last forever while forging friendships and fighting deadlines. It is truly a magical experience!

Robert McHugh

Yearbook Advisor


1) Can I still purchase a yearbook and if so, how?

Yes, yes you can.  Go to and enter order # 8147.  The cost is $50 and you may purchase it online until June 30, 2020.  Information is on the attachments in both English and Spanish.

2) Did I already purchase a yearbook this year?

I can find out for you!  Email me [email protected] your child’s first and last name and I will look the information up in the yearbook database and let you know that day.

3) I bought a book (or am going to buy one).How do we get it?

This is the great unknown at this point.  Rest assured; you will get your book.  The “how” is what we are working on.  In all likelihood, we will be having pick up days at El Cerrito in late July.  As soon as we determine concrete dates and times we will let you know with phone and email blasts.  If I have to stand in the parking lot at ECMS in a hazmat suit to get the kids their books then so be it.

4) The kids left school a few weeks before spring break…is the yearbook even finished?

Truth be told, the Yearbook as always is fully submitted the Monday we return from spring break every year so it can be printed, bound, and shipped before the school year ends.  The Yearbook staff did an amazing job of wrapping up almost all of the pages before we had to take our sabbatical.  The book is done and I cannot wait to see it!

5) Is there any way to keep up to date with anything that may be El Cerrito Yearbook related?

Why yes, the ECMS yearbook Youtube page has prior news broadcasts and, hopefully, some new content for our views to bring back some of that Redhawk pride.  Check it out:

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