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What does LINK stand for?
Leadership | Integrity | Never not | Kind 

What do we do in LINK? 
In LINK, we plan several events around the school to promote school spirit and to help students feel more involved in the school community. Examples of these events include movie nights, school spirit days, and fundraisers. 

What do we look for in students? 
LINK is a leadership class that comes with several responsibilities and we’re constantly seeking students with certain attributes that meet our standards. We look for those who display responsibility, kindness, respect, determination, and a positive attitude because we strive to maintain a positive environment for all students. 

What are our LINK expectations? 
Students should maintain a 3.0 GPA with no D’s or F’s in their classes. During class, students are expected to be supportive of each other's ideas and contribute new ideas. People in the classroom should keep the room tidy and be conscious of others. Minimal phone time is permitted, and please ensure that you are productive for the majority of the class.  
Additionally, LINK should not be treated as a general fifth-period class, meaning class time should mostly be used for planning events or helping out. Students are expected to give up some of their personal time to participate during LINK events. 

How do I apply? 
Complete the online LINK application. There is also a teacher recommendation form for students to have a current teacher fill out and submit. Deadline for submissions is Friday, May 22. 

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