Course Requests

STEP 1: Click the appropriate link below (7th or 8th grade in 2022-2023) to access the grade level course selection form. If you are requesting honors classes you MUST complete Part 2 of the course selection form, the honors contract. If you are not requesting honors classes you DO NOT need to complete Part 2 of the course selection form. You may skip those questions and click "submit" at the bottom of the form.

7th Grade Course Requests 

8th Grade Course Requests

here to log in to Student Connect and add your 2022-2023 course requests. Students ONLY have the option to add honors history, language arts and/or science and a year-long elective (AVID or Band for 7th AND 8th grade OR Spanish for 8th grade only). If you do not select a year-long elective class you will be placed on the elective rotation (one class per semester). Students cannot choose classes on the elective rotation. Students will be placed randomly based on availability. Math classes will be assigned according to district criteria.
Click here for steps on how to complete course requests in Student Connect.

Please note the window for Student Connect course request closes March 31, 2022. If you are requesting courses and/or enrolling after March 31. 2022 your course requests will be added by the Dean using your course request Google form.

* It is important to note that making a course request does not guarantee you will be enrolled in the course.
Every attempt will be made to accommodate student requests however, course availability is subject to change based on staffing and student interest.

** All math classes will be assigned according to district criteria (SBAC scores, iReady Diagnostics and current math grade).