Pre-AP (Honors) classes challenge students with more rigorous assignments. Students will explore subjects in greater depth and spend more time on analysis. Classes will incorporate inquiry and research-based strategies that promote critical thinking and problem solving. At the end of Semester 1 students will be evaluated for program eligibility. Pre-AP (Honors) core subjects offered are Language Arts, History, and Science. Students may select one or more of these Pre-AP (Honors) core subjects. The demands of the Pre-AP (Honors) classes exceed those of regular classes.

To succeed in Pre-¬≠AP (Honors) classes, students must: 
 read at a high level
• engage in class discussion through oral expression
• listen and participate in the thoughtful exchange of ideas
• accept and offer constructive criticism
• demonstrate higher organizational writing skills
• seek out challenges and new concepts
• possess a high level of commitment and responsibility

 ask for help when needed
 take advantage of available supports that are offered